Alcohol and Drug Education Treatment

Level I, Level II and Enrollments and What You Should Know

Education and Treatment Programs

Level 1 education and Level II education / treatment programs, as required by statute, are defined by the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) of the Colorado of Human Services.

Level 1

What is a Level I?

Level I consists of 12 hours of alcohol and drug education over a minimum of three sessions, unless an alcohol evaluator says more is required.

When is a Level I required?

Completion of a Level I alcohol and drug education program is required when a minor driver has had their license/privilege revoked for one year for their first DUI, DWA! or .02 or more BAC conviction, for a violation that was received while under the age of 21. A minor driver may be required to complete Level II education or Level II education and treatment depending on the alcohol and drug evaluator's recommendations.

Level II

What is a Level II?

Level II consists of an alcohol and drug education and treatment program, as defined by BHA, and are identified in the chart as Tracks A, B, C, and D, as shown in the Level II Education and Treatment Course Guidelines.


What is an Enrollment?

An Affidavit of Enrollment (DR 2643) completed by an BHA certified treatment agency, allows a driver who is required to complete a Level II course for reinstatement, to attend and complete their education and treatment program after and as a condition of reinstatement.

Who is eligible to use an Affidavit of Enrollment?

Any driver required to have a Level II program for reinstatement, that is a Colorado resident, who is currently enrolled in an approved Level II program, and is eligible for reinstatement but has not yet completed their Level II program, can use the DR 2643 Affidavit of Enrollment form.

Glasses of alcohol and drugs on a wooden table. Caption reads Alcohol and Drug Education Treatment


Level II Education and Treatment Course Guidelines

Matrix for Level II Education and Treatment Course Guidelines



Length of TX

Length of TX

Length of L2 ED

Combined Length L2 ED & TX

Combined Length L2 ED & TX

Track A



5 months
21 weeks

42 hours

24 months
12 weeks

8 months


Track B

>.15 or


6 months
26 weeks

52 hours

24 months
12 weeks

9 months


Track C


1 or more

8 months
34 weeks

68 hours

24 months
12 weeks

11 months


Track D

>.15 or

1 or more

10 months
43 weeks

86 hours

24 months
12 weeks

13 months



Level II Four Plus may be required for those individuals that have four or more impaired driving offenses. It consists of a minimum of 180 hours of treatment over a minimum of 18 months.

A Level II is required when a driver:

  • is convicted of 2 alcohol violations that occurred within 5 years, OR
  • is convicted of 3 or more alcohol violations in a lifetime, OR
  • is revoked for having a BAC of .15 or more, OR
  • is revoked for multiple BAC tests of .08 or more (Per Se), OR
  • is revoked for refusal to take a test

How to get your DUI/DWAI Referral Summary (DRS) Form


To get a copy of your DUI/DWAI Referral Summary (DRS form) for court or the DMV, follow the instructions below.

  1. First contact the agency where you attended classes
    • The agency should give you a copy of the DRS within 10 business days of program completion at no charge.
    • You can search for your agency’s contact information using these databases:
  2. If the agency is no longer in business or is unable to give you a copy of the DRS, BHA may be able to provide one. To request the form from us:
    • Download and fill out the Consent for Release of Confidential Record form, available in English and available in Spanish.
    • Email the completed form to: cdhs_bha_provider_support@state.co.us
      • You can scan the form or take a photo of the form with your phone to submit it via email.
      • The BHA no longer allows walk-ins, all consent forms must be emailed.
    • Once we receive the form, BHA will search our database for the requested information.
    • If BHA locates your DRS record(s), we will send the document(s) to the email address you provided in the consent form. For your protection, the email containing the DRS will be encrypted and may require you to create a password to open it. We expect to complete this process within 10 business days, but it could take longer.
    • You can submit your DRS record to the DMV online at MyDMV Colorado, by email at dor_interlock@state.co.us, or you can go in person to the closest DMV location.
    • If BHA cannot find your DRS record(s), the DUI Services Program Manager will contact you within 10 business days.