Appointment Scheduling

Please review the following 3-step process before using the online appointment scheduler.

Step 1:

First, try to use Our site has both driver license and vehicle services and offers more than 30 online services there. Please only schedule an appointment if you are not eligible to use online services.

Step 2:

Know what service you need. This will avoid unnecessary cancellations and will allow you to be prepared for your visit. Scheduling an appointment for a different transaction than the one you intend to make will only result in the cancellation of the appointment (prior to or at the window). Please note that we do not provide services to individual customers needing vehicle registration services. For help with title and vehicle registration, please contact your county motor vehicle office.

Please also note that State Driver License offices will not be conducting drive tests at this time. If you need to schedule a drive test, please do so at one of Colorado's third party testers listed here.

There are several options in the scheduling platform. Please select the correct appointment type for your needs:

  • Renew Colorado Driver License/ID/Permit: Use this button if you have a current, or expired less than one year, Colorado license, identification card, or permit and are not eligible to renew online. This appointment type may also be used to renew, upgrade or downgrade a driver license, add endorsements, change an address or replace lost or stolen DL/ID/Permits.  You can also use this appointment type for changing your name on their existing Colorado license, I.D. or permit.
  • Written Test: Use this button if you need to take a written test, such as for an instruction permit (including CDL and motorcycle), or if your license has been expired one year or more. If passed, you will receive an instruction permit.
  • First Time CO DL/ID/Permit: Use this button for all initial driver license or identification card issuance; permit issuance if the written test has been completed with a 3rd party tester; and transferring a license from another state.  This appointment type can be used for turning in third party test results, requesting a hearing date, or making a reinstatement payment. Please note: Some offices are unable to provide full reinstatement services. Visit our locations webpage for location-specific service information.
  • Motorcycle Drive Test: Use this button for the Motorcycle Skills Drive Test, which is required to upgrade a motorcycle instruction permit to a motorcycle endorsement. This service is offered on a limited basis at only a few State driver license offices. This test is also provided by third-party testers throughout Colorado.
  • CDL Written Test: Use this button to schedule a Commercial Driver License written test.
  • CO-RCSA SB251: Use this button if you are an undocumented resident who does not have a current SB251 credential or if you need to take a written test. 
  • CO-RCSA SB251 Renewal: Use this button if you are an undocumented resident who has a current SB251 driver license, I.D. card or instruction permit. If no upgrades are needed, you may be eligible to complete this transaction online at It can also be used to upgrade an I.D. to a permit, or a permit to a license, if testing has been completed at a third party.
  • Motor Vehicle Report: Please use this appointment type to request a copy of your own Motor Vehicle Record (if you are unable to complete this online) or if you have the proper permissions (completed DR2489), request a copy of another customer's Motor Vehicle Record.
  • MVR/Reinstate/Pay a Ticket/DOT Med: Please use this appointment type if you need to provide requirements and fee to reinstate your driving privilege from a cancellation, denial, suspension or revocation; to provide a current DOT medical card if you are a CDL driver; or if you have received a ticket from an agency whose jurisdiction is a county court (you may pay that ticket with us within 40 days of the issuance date of the ticket. If you pay within 20 days, you are eligible for an automatic point reduction. This will preclude you having to go to court).
  • Dealer Title Drop Off: Use this button to schedule for dealer resale title drop off only. (Once your title is ready, you will be contacted to schedule a pickup appointment). Dealers can also continue to mail these.
  • Vehicle Services IRP Originals: Use this button for International Registration Plan services. This is for carriers conducting business across multiple states. These appointments are for new originals.
  • Vehicle Services IRP Supplements or renewals: Use this button for International Registration Plan services. This is for carriers conducting business across multiple states. These appointments are for renewals and supplements.
  • Other appointments: All other appointment types are specifically offered at certain locations. These services aren’t available at other State driver license offices. These appointments and their locations include:
    • Reinstatements at Lakewood
    • Motor Vehicle Services at Lakewood

Step 3:

Now that you know what type of appointment you need, please determine what date, time, and location you would like and know you can attend. We encourage flexibility as not all services are offered at all locations. Please schedule only one appointment. Scheduling multiple appointments or repeatedly scheduling and canceling appointments unnecessarily takes appointment times away from other customers who may need them. Multiple appointments made by the same customer for the same service may result in the cancellation of all appointments for that customer.

After completing these three steps, you are ready to schedule your appointment. To do so, please use our online scheduler.

If you are unable to come to your appointment, please cancel it by using the link in your confirmation email so that we can make it available to others. If you do not have your confirmation email, you may complete this short form.