About Us


The Division of Motor Vehicles, or DMV, provides services used by nearly every Colorado resident. Colorado residents utilize identification, driver, and vehicle services at state and county offices to obtain identification cards, driver licenses, vehicle registrations, titles and other related services. Additionally, the DMV licenses and provides oversight of private businesses and government organizations that provide driver and emission testing services. Finally, the division works closely with other state agencies and programs to provide information and education to serve the public and encourage voluntary compliance.


Our mission is to provide motor vehicle, driver and identity services that promote public safety, trust and confidence.


Our vision is to become a national leader in innovative, customer-focused service.


Communication - Encourage an inclusive environment that fosters ongoing creative and respectful exchange of information and ideas between employees, management, and public.
Dedication - Demonstrate a strong support for the mission of the organization and service to the people of Colorado.
Ownership - Promote active and constructive participation in the organization, Take pride in the organization and what you do, and create a sense of community.
Responsible Government - Guarantee responsive, accountable services and pursue policies and ideas that are prudent and consistent.
Teamwork - Work collaboratively to achieve a common goal.
Respect - Value the opinions and thoughts of all customers and employees and treat them with dignity.
Unity - Foster a unified Department of Revenue.
Stewardship - Ensure careful and responsible collection and distribution of the public's money and information.
Transparency - Utilize processes, procedures, and forms that are understandable and easy to use.


DMV Administration

Provides administrative oversight and strategic direction for the Division of Motor Vehicles. The Motor Vehicle Investigations Unit, DMV DRIVES Production Support and the DMV Training Team reside within DMV Administration.

Motor Vehicle Investigations Unit

The Motor Vehicle Investigations Unit (MVIU) investigates all activities related to the DMV core functions to detect and prevent fraud. In pursuit of criminal prosecutions and administrative sanctions, the unit works with local, state and federal law enforcement.

DMV DRIVES Production Support

Provides customer support for all end users of Colorado DRIVES. This includes technical issue identification, testing and resolution.

DMV Training Team

Provides centralized training and customer support for all sections of the DMV and Colorado counties.

Driver Services

The Driver Services program issues permits, licenses, and identification cards to qualified individuals as well as manages the official record of all drivers and administers sanctions based on information exchanged with the courts, law enforcement, and other authorized entities. Included is licensing and auditing of commercial driving schools and their testers, managing the Ignition Interlock program, and providing support to law enforcement. This includes the Driver License and Driver Control Sections.

Driver License Section

The Driver License Section is responsible for issuing driver licenses, identification cards and instruction permits. This section also certifies and audits non-commercial driving schools. The Driver License Section operates 35 driver license offices throughout the state and provides support to 20 county-run offices.

Driver Control Section

The Driver Control Section maintains the driving records of all individuals with a Colorado Driver License. This section provides a public call center, which takes more than 400,000 customer phone calls per year.

Vehicle Services

The Vehicle Service program provides operational support to county motor vehicle offices who serve as the department's authorized agents for the collaborative issuance of vehicle title and registration documents. Included is the licensing and auditing of vehicle emission-testing facilities and individual inspectors, managing the Motorist Insurance Identification Database program, administering the International Registration Plan, and supporting vehicle-related organizations. This is comprised of the Title and Registration and Emissions Sections.


Colorado DRIVES County Governance Committee