Florida DMV equivalent visits Colorado DMV, shares information

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The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles hosted an information-sharing session with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles on Dec. 13 at DMV headquarters in Lakewood.

The two teams discussed mobile driver licenses, alternative customer service channels, workflows, training, change management, large scale modernization deployments and more.

“I am so glad our colleagues from Florida were able to visit and that both agencies were able to share their knowledge and experience,” Colorado DMV Senior Director Electra Bustle said. “Whenever we can come together and learn from each other, it’s a win for our customers.”

Colorado DMV Deputy Senior Director Rosalie Johnson agreed and said the knowledge exchange was worthwhile because different approaches to common problems can lead to future improvements.

“Overall the entire event was very informative, collaborative, and educational for all participants,” Johnson said. “It is always beneficial to collaborate with peers in order to learn, share, and help each other be successful. One of the most added value conversations for Colorado DMV was seeing Florida’s customer service portal. We were able to take away some considerations and lessons learned as we move forward to build our own portal in Colorado.”

The exchange of ideas is part of the Colorado DMV’s commitment to providing excellent customer service while empowering Colorado residents to DMV anywhere. Yes, anywhere.

For more on all the ways Colorado residents can DMV, visit DMV.Colorado.gov/Anywhere.