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eTitle service now offered on State’s official app

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles is pleased to announce another service innovation thanks to collaboration with the Governor’s Office of Information and Technology (OIT).

On May 9, the new eTitle service debuted on myColorado™, bringing the application’s DMV online services to 22.

eTitle allows Coloradans to store a secure digital version of their motor vehicle’s title in myColorado, the State of Colorado’s Official Mobile AppTM.

DMV Value of the Month: Accountability

Each month the DMV EECs will ask a question about DMV Values and showcase the best response in DMViews. This month's question was:

What does "Accountability" mean to you?

Montrose DLO Technician Andrew H.'s response:

"Right or Wrong. You work with transparency and trust amongst your coworkers as well as customers. Own your successes and failures to better yourself for the future."

BY DESIGN: The story of credentials in Colorado

As you read this, there’s a good chance that you have a driver license or ID card somewhere in a purse, pocket, or wallet issued by the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles. Think about how often this is used in your daily life. It allows you to travel on airplanes, see concerts and sporting events, and grants you entry into bars and other establishments. In essence, these cards are an extension of who we are. 

DMV Value of the Month: Service

Each month the DMV asks a question about DMV Values and we showcase the best response. This month's question was:

What does "Service" mean to you?

Colorado Springs DLO Manager Tanya M.'s response:

"Doing all you can in your power to assist the public with what they need - whether it be providing: prompt, friendly and courteous service; accurate and thorough information and resources; follow up if necessary."

Wintry weather tips

Winter weather can continue sporadically throughout the coming weeks. Early spring snowstorms can dump several feet of snow. During extremely cold weather or heavy winter storms, it is important to stay warm and have a plan. Here are a few tips to staying warm, safe and facing challenges during a winter storm: