CDL Third Party Testing Compliance

Colorado Revised Statute 42-2-407 allows for commercial driving testers employed by commercial driver license testing units to give the driving skills tests.
The following are taken into consideration prior to being approved for training and licensing as a Testing Unit/Tester:
  • Projected number of drivers tested annually
  • Number of other testing Units/Testers in the approximate area
  • Candidate's driving and training history and experience


You must fall under one of the three following categories to be considered for licensing under the Commercial Third Party Tester Program.
  • Be employed by an agency of local, state or federal government, a public school district, or a private or parochial school.
  • Maintain a license under the Division of Private Occupational Schools (Department of Higher Education).
  • Maintain an established place of business in Colorado with a fleet of no less than three CMVs owned or leased to the business.


  • Sign a contract with the Department of Revenue. ,
  • Fulfill all requirements specified in the contractual agreement.
  • A $20,000 Performance Bond is required for any Testing Unit that are not a governmental agency.
  • Certificate of Insurance with specific limit amounts for General, Personal Injury, Automobile Liability and Standard Workers Compensation with the State of Colorado listed as an additional insured for liability policies.
  • A large concrete or asphalt area (owned or leased) with the approximate dimensions of 300 ft. x 200 ft. for the purposes of the Basic Control Skills.,
  • The place of business may not be part of a home.


Initial Licensing:
Testing Unit $3,094
Each Tester $148
Annual Renewal:
Testing Unit $1,052
Each Tester $140

Application/Submit Inquiries

Email DOR_CDLCompliance@state.co.us for information.