Dealer Issued Temporary Permits

DRIVES Dealer Training

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How Does a Dealer register to issue temporary permits in DRIVES

Dealers will register through this link

The End User License Agreement (EULA)can be found here

A help guide to complete the EULA can be found here

What is DRIVES?

The Colorado Department of Revenue and Governor's Office of Information Technology received funding during the 2014 and 2015 legislative sessions to replace the outdated Driver's License System (DLS) and Colorado State Titling and Registration System (CSTARS) This project is called the Colorado Driver License, Record, Identification and Vehicle Enterprise Solution (Colorado DRIVES) The primary goal of the Colorado DRIVES project is to provide a flexible, reliable, accurate and integrated solution for driver and vehicle services, as well as business licensing and revenue accounting This project is the cornerstone to the DMV Strategic Plan goal of improving customer service and meeting the Governor's goal of reducing wait times in state driver license When implemented, Colorado DRIVES will provide:

  • State employees a modern and user-friendly system that reduces customer service time
  • Increased system reliability that significantly reduces outages and downtime in driver license and motor vehicle offices
  • Colorado residents access to information to better prepare them for their office visit as well as improved online services.


Benefit of the New Temporary Permit
  • The Department has worked with counties, law enforcement, tolling authorities, dealers, and other stakeholders to ensure the new temporary permit and systems meet all their needs. Additionally, the Department and working groups ensured that national standards and guidelines were followed and incorporated into the temporary permits and systems. Over the past several years, working groups were established to create the minimum designs and standards.
  • The new temporary permit and mounting board design (see below) will tie the permit to a specific vehicle. The new system will provide real-time live temporary records to law enforcement and tolling authorities.
  • The new vendor-hosted system through Fairfax Imaging will provide robust reporting and auditing capabilities for Auto Industry Division and law enforcement in the regulation of dealerships and sales persons.
  • Cost savings to the License Plate Cash Fund will be realized by not having to supply counties with inventory to sell to the dealers. This will allow those realized savings to be used for the purchase of county-issued license plates and registration products.
  • The current temporary permit and dealer stub is discontinued on and after your county implementation date. Any remaining inventory should be returned to the Department of Revenue for proper destruction.
  • The new temporary registration permit is printed upon the performance of a temporary registration transaction and will contain vehicle-specific information.
  • The mounting board is designed to be weather resistant and durable for a short period of time after the expiration date of the temporary permit. It also has security features built in that will assist law enforcement in detecting fraudulent mounting boards and temporary permits.
  • The department-approved mounting board is the only mounting board allowed, no other mounting board shall be used.
Mounting Board Vendors

Dealers will purchase the new mounting boards from department-approved mounting board vendors only.

AB&,C Enterprises

Colorado Auto Dealers Association

Colorado Independent Auto Dealers Association

Colorado Printing &, Promotion

BML Dealer Supplies and Title Service
(719) 338-3336

Reynolds and Reynolds

Contact your Document Services Consultant directly,

or call 800.344.0996

The only mounting board that is to be used is the mounting board issued

Dealer Letter 

This letter was sent to all licensed dealers regarding DRIVES and registration

Temporary Permit Issuance Website

Dealers will issue temporary permits through DRIVES and will issue through here

Temporary Permit Help Desk

If you are experiencing issues with your temporary permit system account, please call (720) 795-7864, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday- Friday


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dealers issue license plate holders?

If dealers want to issue a license plate holder, in addition to the mounting board,  the plate holder can not block any part of the plate, pursuant to C.R.S. 42-3-202(2)(b) which states A person shall not operate a motor vehicle with an affixed device or a substance that causes all or a portion of a license plate to be unreadable by a system used to automatically identify a motor vehicle.

What If a Temp Tag Is Stolen?

The owner needs to file a police report and take it to the county to fill out a Lost/Stolen Affidavit and request a replacement. Dealers should void the temporary permit if they are alerted

If We Have Multiple Dealerships, Do We Have to Register All of Them?

Yes, because each one has a unique dealership license number

Are All Mounting Boards and Temp Tags the Same Size? Even for Motorcycles?

No, there are two sizes- passenger vehicle and motorcycle 

What Happens If Someone Doesn’t Have Car Insurance?

They Will Not Be Permitted to Receive a Temporary Tag., per C.R.S. 42.3.105 (1)(d).

Do The Dates On the Temp Tag Take into Consideration Weekends and Holidays?


If A Vehicle Is Going to Be Transported Out of the State 30 Days from When They Buy the Vehicle, Would They Be Receiving an In-State or Out-Of-State Tag?

They will receive an out-of-state tag and re-register when they get to the state they’re going.

What Do I Do If I’m Creating a Tag and The Power Goes Out?

If the power is only out in your building, then you can create a new temporary tag from a remote location and print if you have printer accessibility.