DMV Appointment Online Check-in aims to do away with physical lines, gives Coloradans greater flexibility

Appointment scheduling services to be down Aug. 6-9 for upgrade

LAKEWOOD, Thursday Aug. 5, 2021 -- To Coloradans who enjoy physically standing in line, we’re sorry! The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) latest innovation in its ongoing Digital Transformation will significantly reduce the need to physically stand in line at DMV offices throughout the state by empowering Coloradans to choose where they wait for service. 

With the Aug. 9 launch of the DMV’s new Appointment Online Check-in feature, Coloradans can check-in for their appointments and wait for their turn for service where they choose -- car, coffee shop or wherever is most comfortable or convenient. 

Before that launch, appointment scheduling will be unavailable from Aug. 6 to Aug. 9 while the system is upgraded. 

The Appointment Online Check-in feature is an upgrade to the DMV’s appointment system, which gives greater flexibility to Colorado residents in scheduling appointments and allows them to check-in and wait wherever is most convenient

As part of scheduling an appointment, Coloradans will be asked to enter a contact email address and/or a cell phone number to receive messages about the appointment. These messages will provide information on checking in, when to come into the lobby, rescheduling or canceling appointments. 

With the new Appointment Online Check-in feature, Coloradans check-in to their appointment remotely via text message, or a QR code and will receive a text message notifying them when to walk up to the Driver License Office doors. Coloradans can also bring our automated email issued at the time the appointment was made and a Driver License technician will scan its barcode to check in.

Coloradans without computer or smartphone access can still schedule an appointment by calling the DMV at 720-295-2965 or 303-205-2335 for Colorado Road and Community Safety Act  (SB13- 251) appointments. Each driver license office has a greeter and they can check you in for your appointment.

The Appointment Online Check-in feature is another step forward in DMV’s sweeping efforts to transform digitally, so it can better serve Coloradans whether in-office, online or on the go. Additional online services added in the future will augment the DMV’s already robust selection of services currently available online.

The DMV encourages Coloradans to skip the trip and use its online services whenever possible. So before your next trip to the DMV, remember to save time, go online. Visit dmv.colorado.gov/anywhere for more information.