DMV Experiencing High Call Volume Leading to Long Phone Waits for Coloradans

DENVER, Wednesday, MAY 6, 2020 -- Due to a large volume of calls being received by customers trying to schedule appointments, customers calling our Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) call center have experienced a significant wait time and difficulty connecting to the phone queue.
Phone scheduling was used to prioritize customers who had no choice but to use in-office services. In order to help alleviate wait times and customer frustration, the DMV has reopened online scheduling. Please note that online scheduling will only show a few days at a time. Customers who need to schedule further out should use the phone system.
The DMV has also expanded hours in many offices to help accommodate customers' schedules.
Most customers renewing their drivers license or identification card are able to renew online and can avoid making an appointment and visiting an office. We encourage customers to first check if they are eligible to use online services at before making an appointment. If not eligible to use online services, they can schedule an appointment using the appointment scheduler.
It has been seven weeks since DMV offices have been open and normally, we would have seen more than 100,000 customers in our offices during that time. While many customers have been able to use DMV online services, others require an in-office visit. The DMV is prioritizing scheduling for customers who cannot use online services.
A contributing factor to high call volume has been callers repeatedly calling into the system or using auto dialers. The DMV has seen dozens of calls coming into the system from individual numbers which has impacted the ability for other callers to get through.
The DMV appreciates everyone's patience as we work to implement this new way of doing business as a result of the COVID-19 situation.
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