Equifax Breach

The Department of Revenue's (DOR) bulk records contractor, Colorado Interactive (CI), has reviewed the DOR customer list and confirmed that Equifax does not purchase Colorado driver license data from DOR through CI's bulk record service. At the DOR's request, CI also contacted all 10 of DOR's bulk record customers that resell records, and each customer responded that it does not resell DOR records to Equifax.

If your driver license or ID card number has been used for credit or check fraud, a new personal identification number (PIN) may help you conduct business. However, because motor vehicle records are protected by federal and state privacy laws and are not accessible for credit purposes, this will not prevent or stop credit fraud.

Individuals affected by the Equifax breach are not eligible to have their driver license number changed as a result of the breach. In order to have a driver license number changed, an individual must have a police report documenting an instance of the driver license number being used for fraudulent purposes. Once a police report has been completed, individuals can fill out the Affidavit of Driver License / ID Theft Form DR2153.

The Department of Revenue takes the protection of customer data very seriously and strives to provide excellent customer service.