Investigation Hold

An investigation hold may be placed on any driver or motor vehicle record when the Department has reason to believe information within the record is false or fraudulent.

The Department has the right to revoke, suspend, cancel or deny the reissuance of any driver or minor driver license upon determining that the licensee was not entitled to the issuance thereof for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to give the required or correct information in an application, or commission of any fraud in making such application or in submitting any proof allowed under this section,
  • Inability to operate a motor vehicle because of physical or mental incompetence,
  • Permission of an unlawful or fraudulent use or conviction of misuse of license, titles, permits or license plates,
  • That such license would have been subject to denial under the provisions of section 42-2-104,
  • Failure of the licensee to register in Colorado all vehicles owned by the licensee under the requirements of section 42-3-103

If you have applied for a Colorado Driver License, Identification Card, Instruction Permit, Motor Vehicle Title or Registration, and were told that you have an investigation hold and you were referred to the investigations unit, you will need to call (303) 205-8383.