Motor vehicle registration renewal documents delayed to implement material fee changes

LAKEWOOD, Thursday Jan. 7, 2021 -- All February motor vehicle renewal documents will be delayed 3 weeks to allow the vendor, FAST Enterprises, and the DMV to complete programming for a material fee increase.

Renewal cards are scheduled to be generated the first week of the month prior to the month the registration expires. The motor vehicle titling and registration system DRIVES is currently programmed to not allow renewal cards to be generated with the previous material fee at the beginning of the month and the system to charge the current fee for the remainder of the month. This allows for consistency between the fee illustrated on the renewal card and what the system charges when the renewal is processed.

This includes Registration Renewal Post Cards, SMM Expired Declarations, Fleet Declarations, Entity Declarations, Move Cards, PWD Placards and Plates Self-Certifications, PWD Placards and Plates Medial Professional Certification, Collectors Item Registration Renewal, Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Declaration, National Guard Plate Renewals, Military Exempt Plates Renewals, and Government Declaration.

Coloradans can still renew their vehicles in January for February and the fees will be
reflective of the current material fees. For Coloradans renewing motor vehicle documents on or after Feb. 1, the rate will be reflective of the new material fees.

Please see the material fees below for the exact increases:

Vehicle registration renewal fee increase table

Please note the PWD Placards (All) and PWD Validation Tab fees are for payment to CCi to produce the placards and tabs and are absorbed by the Department.  Customer fees will remain $0.00.

Between November 2019 and June 2020, the Correctional Industries Advisory Committee approved the Colorado Correctional Industries' proposed material fee increases and the required annual State budgeting processes were completed to implement the material fee increases. 

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