One less piece of paperwork needed for DMV visits

Thanks to new federal guidelines Coloradans no longer need to supply physical proof of Social Security number when obtaining a license, permit or ID


LAKEWOOD, Tuesday Aug. 31, 2021 -- Coloradans now have one less piece of paperwork they are required to bring to the DMV office thanks to a recent change in federal guidance regarding Social Security verification.

Coloradans can now provide their SSNs verbally at driver license offices, and the DMV will continue to verify the information with the Social Security Administration to ensure the data matches. This will ensure SSNs are accurate and match information presented to the DMV.

The change in this part of the issuance process only affects those applying for a REAL ID-compliant driver license or identification cards and does not affect the other criteria to obtain a Colorado credential. For complete identification requirements, please visit DMV.Colorado.gov/identification-requirement-charts.

For its part, the DMV is happy to streamline the issuance process for Coloradans while staying compliant with the REAL ID Modernization Act.

The DMV is also working to expand online services, allowing the DMV to bring even more essential services to Coloradans wherever they are.

The DMV offers many online services, including license and ID card renewals, vehicle registration renewals, paying a traffic ticket, motor vehicle records, first-time vehicle registration and more.

The DMV encourages Coloradans to Save Time, Go Online by using DMV online services. Visit DMV.Colorado.gov/Save-Time for information, direct links and more about DMV online services. Remember, the next time you need to visit the DMV, use DMV.Colorado.gov/Save-Time so you can #SkipTheTripCO with DMV online services.