Now Coloradans can add their Driver License, State ID to Google Wallet

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Coloradans can present their Colorado ID in Wallet easily, securely at select TSA PreCheck® checkpoints

LAKEWOOD, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023 — The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) today announced that the Colorado ID can be added to Google Wallet, providing an easy, fast and secure digital version of their state-issued driver license or ID card.

Coloradans can now choose to add their driver license or state identification (ID) card to Google Wallet, and easily and securely present it with a tap or by showing a QR code on their Android phone at select Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck® security checkpoints, including within Denver International Airport (DEN).

“Colorado is leading the way in digital innovation to enhance customer service,”  DOR Executive Director Heidi Humphreys said. “We are dedicated to revolutionizing how Coloradans experience time, convenience and security. Our mission is to make these fundamental aspects of daily life easily accessible to everyone in the state.”

Colorado is among the first states to implement IDs in Google Wallet. It is only available to people who have a current, valid Colorado-issued driver license or ID and serves as a companion to the physical, plastic driver license or ID — it is not a replacement, and Coloradans must continue to carry their physical driver license or ID card with them.

“In Colorado, we are continuing to improve the way we do business and implementing services that prioritize the security, privacy and convenience of our residents is one of our priorities,” DMV Senior Director Electra Bustle said. “We are excited to expand our mobile credentialing program by collaborating with the Transportation Security Administration and Google to allow Colorado residents traveling to add their Colorado ID to Google Wallet. This new service will enhance their travel experience by making it more effortless and convenient.”

About adding Colorado ID to Google Wallet

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Video: How to present your state ID or driver license in Google Wallet at Airport Security

How can I use my Colorado ID in Google Wallet at the airport?

At this time, presenting your Colorado ID in Google Wallet as a valid form of identification is only accepted at select airport TSA PreCheck® security checkpoints around the country, including within DEN.

When Colorado ID is added to Google Wallet, Coloradans can simply tap their Android phone or present the QR code from their Colorado ID in Google Wallet at the identity reader at the TSA PreCheck® security checkpoint. From there, users will be shown a prompt on their device displaying the specific information being requested by the TSA. Only after unlocking your phone is the requested identity information released from a device, which ensures that just the required information is shared and only the person who added the driver license or state ID to the device can present it. The TSA reader will also capture a photo to complete the verification process.

All information is shared digitally, so users do not need to show or hand over their device to present their ID.

Adding your Colorado ID to Google Wallet is private and secure

Adding your Colorado ID to Google Wallet keeps Coloradans' ID safe with advanced security built right into their Android phone. Once added to Google Wallet, your driver license or ID card is stored encrypted so your personal details can’t be accessed by anyone unless you choose to share it with them. Coloradans are in control and can review their data before it’s shared. When using a Colorado ID in Google Wallet, neither Google nor the Colorado DMV have access to when or where a Colorado ID in Google Wallet is presented.

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