Titling Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV)

Senate Bill 13-280 Titling Off Highway Vehicles (OHV), effective July 1, 2014, created the ability for Off Highway Vehicles and Snowmobiles to be titled. Senate Bill 13-280 applies only to titling of OHV, registration of OHV is still completed through Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Senate Bill 19-054, effective July 1, 2019, modified the OHV definition to add surplus military vehicles. Historical military vehicles are not eligible for an OHV title.

For more information regarding OHV registration, see the Parks and Wildlife Web site.

Off Highway Vehicle Definition
An Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV), C.R.S. 42-6-102 (11.5), is defined as :
A self-propelled vehicle that is:
  • Designed to travel on wheels or tracks in contact with the ground.
  • Designed primarily for use off of the public highways and generally and commonly used to transport persons for recreational purposes.
  • Off-highway vehicles include vehicles commonly known as all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and surplus military vehicles.
  • Off-highway vehicles do not include:
    • Toy vehicles (any vehicle with wheels and is not designed for use on the public highways or for off-road use)
    • Vehicles designed and used primarily for travel on, over, or in the water
    • Historical military vehicles
    • Golf carts or golf cars
    • Vehicles designed and used to carry persons with disabilities
    • Vehicles designed and used specifically for agricultural, logging, or mining purposes
    • Motor Vehicles
A Snowmobile, C.R.S. 42-6-102 (18.5), is defined as:
  • A self-propelled vehicle primarily designed or altered for travel on snow or ice off of the public highways and supported by skis, belts, or cleats.
  • Snowmobile does not include machinery used for the grooming of snowmobile trails or ski slopes.
OHV Titling Requirements
  • Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO)/ Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO)


  • Certificate of Title


  • Current Colorado Parks and Wildlife OHV registration


  • If in a dealer’s inventory prior to July 1, 2014, a Statement of Fact (Form DR 2444) for each OHV stating the following:

“Prior to July 1, 2014, the off-highway vehicle detailed above was held as inventory by: Dealer Name Address City, CO Zip Phone Number” 

  • Completed DR 2395 Title/ Registration Application
  • All current titling laws, processes, and procedures apply. Dealers have 30 days to deliver title to customers. Owner’s address of residence is used unless the OHV is permanently maintained at a different address. Businesses will use the address where the vehicle is principally operated and maintained. Dealers may obtain title on behalf of the customer by a Power of Attorney. After the title has been established in the individual’s name, the dealer may make the assignment by POA on the title. OHV may not be issued salvage titles - C.R.S. 42-6-102-17(a)(II). Dealer purchases/trades from an individual on or after July 1, 2014: C.R.S. 42-6-148 requires an individual to obtain title prior to selling an OHV to a dealer. Obtaining title is optional for private party to private party sales.
Establishing Ownership

Current Colorado Parks and Wildlife Registration Applicants who are unable to provide acceptable proof of ownership documents may obtain title by following the bond process outlined in the Title or Salvage Title Established by Surety Bond Checklist (Please find Form DR 2922).

  • Exceptions to the Purchase of the Surety Bond:
    • No surety bond is required if any of the following apply:
      • OHV is 25 years or older (A certified VIN inspection and notarized bill of sale within 24 months of purchase are required).
      • Off-highway vehicle was moved to Colorado from a state not issuing certificates of title for off-highway vehicles;
      • Off-highway vehicle is used and held as inventory by a power sports dealer;
      • Off-highway vehicle was owned by an agency of the United States or another state or a political subdivision thereof;
      • Off-highway vehicle was owned by an agricultural producer and used strictly for agricultural purposes;
      • Off-highway vehicle was owned exclusively for the purpose of being operated in an organized competitive or noncompetitive event on publicly or privately owned or leased land; except that this exemption does not apply unless the agency exercising jurisdiction over the land specifically authorizes the organized competitive or noncompetitive event; or
      • Off-highway vehicle was used by a dealer, manufacturer, or authorized designee for an off-highway vehicle operator education or safety program.
Lien Filing:

Liens may be filed on off-highway vehicles in the same manner as motor vehicles. Liens are valid for ten years Titles will be mailed to the lienholder Liens may be extended for successive three year periods

Lien Verification

If a Colorado Title exists, request a title search using Motor Vehicle Search Request (Please find Form DR 2489A). If a Colorado Title does not exist, verify through the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

OHV Taxes and Fees: Taxes and Fees are the same as with Motor Vehicles.
Dealer titles may be obtained at the local county motor vehicle office or at the Title and Registration Section office
  • County: $7.20, Processing time frames may vary
  • Title and Registration Section- $25.00, Processed within one working day:
In person:
Vehicle Services Unit
1881 Pierce Street
Lakewood, CO 80214
By mail:
Title and Registration Section
PO Box 173350
Denver, CO 80217-3350
Please contact the Vehicle Services Section with any questions at 303-205-5608.