Unofficial Websites

The official website of the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles will always contain "colorado.gov" in the title of the URL. If this is not in the title, the website is not associated with the Colorado DMV. The official DMV site is located at www.colorado.gov/dmv.

The official website of the DMV's online services site is mydmv.colorado.gov

Users should be aware that there are many unofficial DMV sites that attempt to represent the DMV or contain similar information. Some of these websites will contain links that direct users to the official site, however, that does not mean that the page is sanctioned or has any agreement with the Colorado DMV. Additionally, some unofficial websites will charge fees for their services that may mirror official Colorado DMV business. Please be cautious providing personal information when using any unofficial website. 

Internet search engine results may not always list the official website as the top result. Please check the URL of the site you are visiting to determine if is part of the official Colorado DMV website.