Furry Passengers: Meet Training Specialist Lola's furbaby, City-Boy

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My name is City-Boy, FKA Jackson. I'm an American Bobtail cat with a dash of Bengal. I was a kitten when my former owner realized they were expecting a baby and couldn't keep me. 

I lived in the country then, Ft. Lupton to be exact. So when my new owners Lola and Mike adopted me into their family, they gave me a new name, Country-Kitty! As we grew to know each other and I got settled in the big city, my new and final name was founded, City-Boy! 

I love my new adventurous life! One time, I snuck out of the house and got myself in trouble and ended up in kitty jail, that's what Mike called it. I had to sit in a cage with a bunch of smelly cats, also in trouble. Luckily, Lola and Mike were out looking for me. They rescued me for the second time but that did not go without consequence. I was neutered that same week which was no fun but now I mind my own business if you know what I mean. I consider myself a distinguished gentleman. I love to pose for pictures. Lola taught me how to take a good selfie. I also love wet food, that hard food is for the dogs. See you around in the big city!