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Step 1: If you're a first-time applicant, during your appointment present any document(s) from the Identification Requirements Chart. If you applied previously and have already received a notice of incomplete application skip to Step 3.

Step 2: If you are unable to provide enough acceptable documents to qualify for a credential, you will receive a notice of incomplete application with details on the additional documents needed to complete your application. You'll receive an Exceptions Processing document list. You will need to provide documents from that list to meet the requirements.

Step 3: Make an appointment here..

Step 4: Complete the Exceptions Processing application (this can be completed before visiting a Driver License Office or you will be provided with one at the office).

Step 5: Provide documents from the Exceptions Processing Document List to an Exceptions Processing Technician. If using Remote Exceptions Processing, documents must be submitted at a Driver License Office (not from a personal fax, mail or email) to be forwarded to an Exceptions Processing Technician.

Other: If you cannot meet the minimum requirements through the standard process or the Exceptions Process, you may request a Notice of Denial and go through a DMV Hearing.

If you need an Identification card for public benefit assistance, you can request a Benefit Waiver at any driver license office listed on the form. A Benefit Waiver allows the DMV to verify your lawful presence using your Social Security Number. You must provide one document from the Identification Requirements Chart or Exceptions Processing Document List in order to receive the Benefit Waiver. The Benefit Waiver allows Colorado\'s public assistance agencies to accept the waiver in lieu of an identification card for receiving assistance such as (TANF, WIC, and other programs that support medical, food, and monetary assistance). Contact the Driver License Administration for more information. The benefit waiver is not an identification card or used for identification purposes.