FAQs - Exception Processing

What is Exceptions Processing?
Exceptions Processing allows people who cannot provide the required documents (see Identification Requirements Charts) for an instruction permit, driver license, or identification card (ID). You may be eligible to apply for Exceptions Processing to provide additional/alternative documents to prove the required elements of identity, date of birth or U.S. citizenship (where applicable). Please visit the Exception Processing page
Who can go through Exceptions Processing?
Anyone can go through Exceptions Processing, however the process is different for U.S. citizens, Permanent Residents, Temporary Lawful Residents and Residents who cannot demonstrate lawful presence.
How much does Exceptions Processing cost?
There is no additional fee for Exceptions Processing on top of the fee for the drivers license, permit or identification card for which you are applying.
I am an out-of-state transfer and I lost my documents, how do I get a Colorado driver license or identification card?
If you moved to Colorado and no longer have an out-of-state driver license or identification card to transfer, you can provide an alternate document from the Identification Requirement chart or go through Exceptions Processing. In order to transfer your driving privilege, you will need a less-than-30-day-old copy of your motor vehicle record.
I've never had a Colorado driver license or identification card, how do I get one?
If you are unable to provide the required documents, you will need to go to the Exceptions Processing home page and follow the links and steps applicable to you.
How do I know I need Exceptions Processing?
If you have received an incomplete application notice after applying for an instruction permit, driver license, or identification card (ID), you can either return to the DMV with the additional required document(s) or apply for Exceptions Processing.
How do I know which documents I'm missing?
The documents you are missing will be listed on your incomplete application notice.
How do I apply for Exceptions Processing?
You will need to submit a completed Exceptions Processing application along with all of your supporting documents at any Colorado Driver License Office.
If I do not have the required documents, can I go to Exceptions Processing first?
Yes, you'll need to bring the necessary documents to request Exceptions Processing.
What should I do if I can't get any of the required documents that prove my identity?
You can contact the Colorado Legal Services for assistance.
What options do I have if I don't want to go through Exceptions Processing?
You can return to the driver license office with the required documents or you can request a notice of denial which allows you to seek a hearing.
What if I have documents not shown on the Identification Chart or the Exceptions Processing document list?
You may submit them with your other documents when applying for Exceptions Processing to see if they are acceptable.