Expiring Temporary Tags


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If you have not registered your vehicle before the tag's expiration date, you will have to pay late fees.

Colorado law (C.R.S 42-3-103) requires vehicle owners to register vehicles within 60 days after purchase. If the vehicle owner fails to do so, the owner will have to pay a late fee. The late fee is $25 per month, or part of a month, for each month the vehicle is not registered (CRS 42-3-112).

House Bill 22-1254 removed the late fee exemption on expired temporary tags on Jan. 1, 2023. If your temporary tag has expired and you have not registered your vehicle or have a new temporary tag, you will collect late fees.

Vehicle owners with expired temporary tags also risk tickets or fines from Law Enforcement.

What can I do to avoid late fees?

  • Register your vehicle; if you have received the title complete notice prior to the temporary tag’s expiration date you should register your vehicle prior to the expiration date. This can be done online at myDMV Colorado (Submit a first-time vehicle registration) or through your county motor vehicle office. If you are wanting to receive credit for a previous plate that is not expired you must visit your local county motor vehicle office; this CANNOT be done online.
  • If you have not received your title complete notice, you can contact your dealership or county motor vehicle office to get a second temporary tag prior to the expiration of your current one.
  • You can also “Check a title status” on myDMV Colorado (in the Vehicle Services tab), or at any kiosk location (if your county participates in the kiosk program) to see if your title has been processed yet by your county. You would need the vehicle’s VIN number and date of sale. If it has been processed, you can register your vehicle now (see first bullet) and if not, get another temporary tag (see second bullet).

Please note that some counties may not be open on Fridays or may be appointment-only; check your county’s website for more information.

What if the dealership delays sending the documentation to the county?

  • You would still be assessed late fees if your vehicle is not registered within 60 days and your initial temporary tag has expired. You would need to get a second temporary tag from your dealership or county motor vehicle office prior to the expiration of your current temporary tag.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my situation?