Fraud prevention tips

Tips to help prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud:

  • Make sure you are on an official state of Colorado Website. The official website of the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles will always contain "" in the title of the URL. If this is not in the title the website is not associated with the Colorado DMV. More information at
  • Make sure you are visiting an authorized DMV office. A list of locations is available at on the DMV locations webpage. All in-person transactions should take place inside the office.
  • Do not purchase DMV services outside the official DMV website or an authorized DMV office.
  • The only way to reinstate a suspended or revoked driver license is through the official DMV process. For more on this process, please go to
  • If you are about to purchase a service from someone under somewhat unusual or suspicious circumstances always verify the legitimacy with the actual agency. You can do that by reporting info to the DMV hotline‚ (303) 205-2983, sending emails to or looking at our website for more information.
  • For more information about fraud and identity theft, visit or