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Lost or Stolen Identification Card or Driver Licenses


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Lost or Stolen Drivers License / ID:

  • The Division of Motor Vehicles does not place alerts on motor vehicle records for lost or stolen identification cards or driver licenses. There are security measures in place to protect your personal identifying information.
  • If you did not receive your License/ID/Permit in the mail from the DMV within 30 days from issuance, you may track it on
  • If you have reason to believe your identification card or driver license was lost, see below.
  • If you have reason to believe your identification card or driver license was stolen, you may report that to your local law enforcement agency.
  • If you have reason to believe that your identification card or driver license number is being misused you can request a new identification/driver license number. You will need to do the following:


Replace Lost or Stolen Driver License / ID:

If your driver license, identification card or instruction permit (also called credentials) was lost, stolen or destroyed, you may qualify for a duplicate license for a fee. You may be eligible for a duplicate at no charge if you do not receive your credential in the mail, and come into a state Driver License Office between 30 and 90 days after the issue date of the lost credential. If you wish to check on the status of your card, please go to and use the "Where is my driver license/ ID?" service.

A duplicate credential is a copy of your license, so it will have the same expiration date, class and endorsements as your previous credential.
To get a duplicate of your lost, stolen or destroyed credential, you will need to visit a driver license office. You can make an appointment online at When scheduling your visit, you should select Renew Colorado License/Identification card as your appointment type.
During your visit, you will be required to attest that your credential was lost, stolen or destroyed. You can also renew your license online online at
If you're out of state and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you can request a duplicate by mailing a completed DR Form 2989 with an out-of-state mailing address to:

Division of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 173345
Denver, CO 80217-3345

If you believe your license or ID card was stolen, learn how to report a stolen license or ID.


Lost, Stolen or Compromised Documents