Forms - Licenses


DR 2153
DR 2643
DR 2314
DR 2460
Application for Military CDL Skills Test Waiver - Vets-2-Trucks Program DR 2742
DR 2904
DR 2907
CDL Unit 10 Year License Certification DR 2172
DR 2598
DR 2285
Change of Sex Identification DR 2083
Colorado Driver License/Instruction Permit/Identification Card Application for Disability Identifier Symbol DR 2093
Colorado Road and Community Safety Act (CO-RCSA) Affidavit DR 2212A
Colorado Road and Community Safety Act (CO-RCSA) Affidavit (For Applicants Under Age 18) DR 2212B
Confidential Medical Examination Report DR 2401
Confidential Eye Examination Report DR 2402
DR 2324
DR 2478
DR 2717
Exceptions Processing (EP) Document List DR 2469
DR 2664
DR 2316
Identification requirements for U.S. citizens and permanent residents DR 2300A
DR 2308
Optometrist/Ophthalmologist Statement for Individuals 80 Years of Age or Older Renewing Electronically DR 2498
DR 2680
DR 2048
Penalty Assessment Notice Minor Affidavit DR 2334
DR 2664
DR 2559
DR 2567
DR 2870
DR 2989
Required Document Matrix For individuals who are U.S. citizens or residents who are permanently lawfully present DR 2296A
Required Document Matrix For individuals who cannot demonstrate lawful presence in the U.S. or for individuals who can demonstrate temporary lawful presence in the U.S.  DR 2296B
DR 2100
Renew by Mail and Voter Registration - Applicants 80 years old and older DR 2330
Request for Waiver -- Restrictions on Public Benefits DR 4678
Request for An Extension of Driver License DR2342
Renew by Mail and Voter Registration - Applicants 79 and under DR 2746
DR 2489
Restricted License Affidavit of Non-Ownership DR 2056
DR 2058
DR 2464
Temporarily Legal Residents Identification Checklist DR 2300B
Undocumented Residents Identification Checklist DR 2300C
DR 2090