Space Force Guardians and veterans can now get branch’s logo on Colorado driver licenses, ID cards

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LAKEWOOD, Nov. 18, 2021 -- Space Force Guardians and veterans of the U.S.’s newest branch of the armed forces can now get a driver license with the service’s logo.

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) now offers qualified military personnel and veterans the ability to add the Space Force logo when establishing or renewing a Colorado driver license or identification card in a State driver license office.

The addition of the Space Force logo to the DMV’s military service identifiers is tied to HB21-1231, which recognized the branch as a military service. The DMV also offers military service identifiers for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard or Navy to qualified Coloradans. 

Coloradans who are active duty or veterans of the Space Force can add the military identifier to their driver license or ID card by scheduling a State driver license office appointment and providing the required documentation during the appointment. Eligible Coloradans will need to provide one of the following documents to get the military service identifier:

  • original member 4 copy of the DD-214; 
  • valid military identification card, or 
  • valid common access card.

The U.S. Space Force is the newest service branch of the U.S. military; the logo is one of seven military identifiers available to qualified Coloradans who served in the U.S. military. Only one military identifier may be added (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard, Navy or Space Force). Once the military identifier has been added to the driver license or ID card, additional documentation is not required at renewal.

The DMV is happy to support those who serve the U.S., and military identifiers are one small way the DMV can recognize their service.

Serving those who served

In addition to the military service identifiers, the DMV also offers U.S. military veterans the opportunity to have the word “veteran” printed on driver licenses and ID cards. The process is identical to adding a military service identifier.

Moreover, the DMV also has a Vets-2-Trucks program which helps Colorado residents who are currently serving in the military, close to being discharged or have been recently discharged (within one year) qualify for a Colorado CDL. The Vets-2-Trucks program waives the drive skills testing requirement, but requires individuals to successfully pass the written exams.

Additionally, eligible Coloradans can show pride in the military via the DMV’s military license plates

Online services

The DMV offers a growing selection of online services, with over 40 currently available, including license and ID card renewals, upgrading a permit to a license, vehicle registration renewals, paying a traffic ticket, motor vehicle records, first-time vehicle registration and many more. Coloradans can access the convenient and time-saving features on many internet-connected devices, including smartphones, computers and tablets.

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