Print On Demand License Plates

Print-On-Demand (POD) eliminates the need for customers to visit the motor vehicle office multiple times, for certain types of license plates. It also provides Colorado Counties with an efficient and effective way to manage low issuance license plate inventory, while making plates readily available to the customer.

The Division of Motor Vehicles in conjunction with Colorado County Clerks, Governor's Office of Information Technology and Colorado Correctional Industries worked together to create the Print-On-Demand program. This program creates a process where lower issuance plates are mailed to the customer, and eliminates the need for multiple visits to the motor vehicle office.
In an effort to make plates readily available and ease inventory levels at counties throughout Colorado, the Division of Motor Vehicles worked closely with Colorado County Clerks to create the Print-On-Demand program where applicants for low issuance plates can obtain the plate with one visit to a Motor Vehicle Office. This plate is then mailed to the applicant within five business days. 
All Colorado license plates are printed by Colorado Correctional Industries. POD plates are printed and mailed to constituents upon completion of registration transaction.
Please contact the Vehicle Services Section at 303-205-5608 with any questions.