Colorado Dealers

What is DRIVES?
  • The Colorado Department of Revenue and Governor’s Office of Information Technology received funding during the 2014 and 2015 legislative sessions to replace the outdated Driver’s License System (DLS) and Colorado State Titling and Registration System (CSTARS)
  • This project is called the Colorado Driver License, Record, Identification and Vehicle Enterprise Solution (Colorado DRIVES)
  • The primary goal of the Colorado DRIVES project is to provide a flexible, reliable, accurate and integrated solution for driver and vehicle services, as well as business licensing and revenue accounting
  • This project is the cornerstone to the DMV Strategic Plan goal of improving customer service and meeting the Governor’s goal of reducing wait times in state driver license offices. When implemented, Colorado DRIVES will provide:
    • State employees a modern and user-friendly system that reduces customer service time
    • Increased system reliability that significantly reduces outages and downtime in  driver license and motor vehicle offices
    • Colorado residents access to information to better prepare them for their office visit as well as improved online services.
How Does a Dealer register to issue temporary permits in DRIVES

Dealers will register through this link

The End User License Agreement (EULA) can be found here

A help guide for complete the EULA can be found here

Where To Apply


  • The State Vehicle Services Section issues Dealer for Resale titles for a fee of $25 each.  Dealers may either schedule an appointment through the appointment scheduler for "3 Dealer Titles Processed" at the Lakewood office or use the walk-in drop off/pickup option at the Lakewood office. Companies are only allowed one appointment per day, and only three Dealer Titles will be processed during the appointment. Dealers may walk-in and drop-off any amount of Dealer Titles/payment and will be contacted when they are ready for pickup.
  • The county motor vehicle office can issue Dealer for Resale titles for a fee of $25. The county motor vehicle office cannot issue Dealer for Resale titles on the same day if the supporting surrendered document is an out-of-state title. All out-of-state titles must be checked through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System program at the State Title Section. The title will be verified and mailed from the State.
Colorado Dealer Must Provide:


  • Secure and Verifiable Identification
  • The current title or applicable supporting ownership documents, properly endorsed to the dealership by the previous owner.
  • Odometer disclosure must be completed.
  • If the vehicle was titled in another state, fill out the Verification of Vehicle Identification Number form, completed by either:
    • A Colorado law enforcement officer,
    • A licensed Colorado motor vehicle dealer or
    • A licensed Colorado emissions testing station.
Vehicles titled for the first time in Colorado
  • Vehicles titled for the first time in Colorado must be accompanied by one of the following documents to certify the weight:
    • Manufacturer's Statement of Origin, 
    • Valid registration or title along with a weight slip
Dealer Bulletins
More Information
  • County motor vehicle office locations
  • Forms
  • Other links: Auto Industry and Sales Tax information
  • Out-of-State Titles
  • Power of Attorney for a Motor Vehicle - This form is required when the attorney in fact will be signing the title document for BOTH the buyer and seller and disclosing the odometer. This form includes the odometer disclosure and is printed on secure paper to comply with Federal Odometer Regulations. Letter of Authorization -When a vehicle is being titled in the name of a company, the individual shall present a letter of authorization to act on behalf of the company. The letter shall be on the company's letterhead and signed by an authority of the company or a statement signed under penalty of perjury or notarized. Secure and verifiable identification is required from the individual receiving the title. If the agent is the sole owner of the company, a Statement of Fact, stating that they are the sole owner of the company is required.
  • Application for Title and/or Registration
  • Note: There cannot be a lien filed on a Dealer for Resale Title
  • C.R.S. 42-3-105 Application for Registration
  • C.R.S. 42-6-107 Certificates of Title
  • C.R.S. 42-6-119(3) Certificates of Vehicles Registered in Other States