New to Colorado from another country?

All new residents who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents must follow CO-RCSA SB251 requirements.


To get a Colorado Driver License, you need to get a driver permit (including passing the written test, pass a drive skills test, and apply for your license. 
Colorado has reciprocal agreements with the following countries. 

  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • The Republic of South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Japan

For adults with licenses from these countries, no permit or testing is required. Simply Schedule an Appointment to get a new driver license.

International driver license holders from other countries are required to successfully pass both the written exam and drive skills tests prior to applying for a Colorado driver license. 

Obtain a Driver Permit

Take the Drive Skills Test

Drive Skills tests are given at approved driving schools. Schedule your drive test directly with one of these on the list.

Apply for your License

After passing your driving skills test, you may:

Adult Drivers (18 and older)

For information on getting a permit as an adult, see the  Adult Permit page.

Minor Driver (Younger than 18)

For information on getting a permit as a minor see the Minor Permit page.

Motorcycle and Commercial Drivers

Motorcycle and Commercial Driver License (CDL) endorsements from other countries will not transfer to a Colorado Driver License.