New to Colorado from another country?

All new residents who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents must follow CO-RCSA SB251 requirements. Click here for more information.

During Your Visit

Identification Requirements

No matter where your license is from or what type of license you hold, ,you are required to comply with all identification requirements
  • Please note: U.S.-issued birth certificates must show the person listed on the certificate was born in the U.S.


Colorado has reciprocal agreements with the following countries. If you have a driver license from any of these countries, the testing requirements will be waived.
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • The Republic of South Korea
  • Taiwan

International driver license holders are required to successfully pass both the written exam and drive skills tests prior to applying for a Colorado driver license. 

Applicants may work with a driving school to complete testing.

Rental cars may be used for drive skills test if the driver taking the test is listed as a driver on the rental car contract. Some rental car agencies specifically state that their vehicles cannot be used for drive tests. If using a rental car for the drive skills test, you must bring the contract with you.

Adult Drivers (18 and older)

You may take your written exam and eye exam, purchase an instruction permit, take drive skills test and purchase a driver license on the same day if over 18 years old.

Minor Driver (Younger than 18)

Minors younger than 18 must hold their permit for one year prior to testing and applying for a driver license.

Motorcycle and Commercial Drivers

Motorcycle and Commercial Driver License (CDL) endorsements from other countries will not transfer to a Colorado Driver License.,


PLEASE NOTE: If you are an undocumented U.S. resident or a temporarily legal U.S. resident, your new driver license or ID card will display a notification stating: "NOT VALID FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION, VOTING OR PUBLIC BENEFIT PURPOSES."