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Financial Assistance for Ignition Interlock

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The Department of Revenue administers an account established to provide financial assistance for first-time offenders installing an ignition interlock device or those designated as persistent drunk drivers completing their initial installation on or after January 1, 2014, who are unable to pay the full costs of the device. If you qualify for assistance and funds are available, the Department may pay for a portion of your interlock device cost. Other restrictions and conditions may apply.

Eligibility is determined at the time of your interlock installation and following criteria apply:
  1. You are either a first-time offender with a violation date on or after January 1, 2009 or have been designated as a persistent drunk driver completing your initial interlock installation on or after January 1, 2014.
  2. You are Lawfully Present in the U.S. and a Colorado resident.
  3. You were an adult driver (21 years of age) at the time of the violation.
  4. Your Federal Adjusted Gross Income (FAGI) on the State of Colorado tax file falls within a predetermined percentage of the current year Poverty Guidelines established by Health and Human Services.
Any subsequent suspension or revocation of your driving privileges will terminate financial assistance.
How do you check my Income?
How do you check my Federal Adjusted Gross Income?
When you visit the approved Ignition Interlock provider, they will utilize the State Portal to provide and receive information related to your driving record. If you meet the eligibility requirements you will be asked to authorize a check against your Colorado tax file to determine eligibility based on your income level and filing status. All eligibility requirements must be met to qualify for assistance.
Note that the Ignition Interlock provider does not receive specifics about your income. If the tax file check is requested, the only detail presented to the Interlock provider is "The applicant is eligible for financial assistance" or "The applicant is not eligible for financial assistance." If you have additional questions, call Driver Services at 303 205-5613.
Filing an Appeal for Financial Assistance
The initial determination for Financial Assistance must be completed by the Online Interlock System. This check occurs during installation. If you are declined but meet the eligibility requirements and feel the tax information on file does not reflect your most recent return, you may file an appeal with the Department. You will need to provide the following to have your appeal considered:
  1. A copy of your current year IRS Tax Transcript. This can be obtained by calling the IRS Transcript Order Line at 800-908-9946. The transcript is free of charge.
Note: The Department will not accept a copy of a Tax Return, only the IRS Transcript.
If you have not filed a Colorado Tax return because your income is below the filing requirement, you may evidence eligibility by providing one of the following:
  • A copy of the Notice of Action or determination letter (Form #NOA 1020) issued by the Division of Human Services showing current coverage in one of the PEAK programs including food, medical or cash assistance. For information on PEAK visit
  • A copy of a Court's Declaration of Indigency issued in the criminal proceeding associated with the alcohol violation.
If the appeal is approved, you will receive a pro-rated amount of assistance on future interlock lease charges for each calendar month that ends with you having a valid Colorado Restricted (Interlock) License. Total assistance cannot exceed $400. Any subsequent suspension or revocation of your driving privileges will terminate financial assistance.
Please see the following appeal example:
  • Driver has the Ignition Interlock device installed in June 2012
  • Provides required documents to reinstate driving privilege in July 2012
  • Driver obtains Restricted License (Interlock) in late July 2012
  • Submits Financial Assistance Appeal and is approved in August 2012
  • First opportunity to receive Financial Assistance would be in September 2012 assuming a valid license status existed on the driving record on August 31st


No retroactive funds will be paid by the Department.
Appeals can be mailed to the addresses below or dropped off at the Pierce office.
Regular Mail:
Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: Driver Control - Interlock Financial Assistance Appeals
Denver, CO 80261-0016
Please list your Colorado ID number (CO Driver License or State issued ID) as well as a contact number at the top of the documentation provided.


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