You are eligible to reinstate if you have served all the time that was required under restraint on all of your restraint actions. The department will reinstate a driving privilege if all of the reinstatement requirements are met and your driving privilege is not under restraint for any other type of action.

There are special conditions that affect reinstatement requirements:

  • A Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) on a chemical test of 0.15 results in a Persistent Drunk Driver designation.
  • The refusal of a chemical test at a traffic stop results in a Persistent Drunk Driver designation.
  • If you have multiple alcohol violations or refusals on your record, the wait time for early reinstatement with Interlock is up to two months.

Reinstatement requirements can include use of Interlock, SR-22 insurance and payment of a reinstatement fee. Additionally, enrollment in alcohol education & therapy sessions may be required. 

Early reinstatement with Interlock

SR-22 and Insurance Information 

Alcohol and Drug Treatment program brochure


Other Types of Reinstatements

Driving privileges can be canceled, revoked or suspended for a wide variety of reasons. For information about how to reinstate driving privileges, call DMV Driver Services at 303-205-5613.