You are eligible to reinstate if you have served all the time that was required under restraint on all of your restraint actions. The department will reinstate a driving privilege if all of the reinstatement requirements are met and your driving privilege is not under restraint for any other type of action.

Important! Legislative mandates effective January 1, 2014 had significant changes to laws involving alcohol and drug violations, Persistent Drunk Drivers (PDD) and the Ignition Interlock program. Those changes include:

  • The reduction of the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) on a chemical test from 0.17 to 0.15 results in a Persistent Drunk Driver designation.
  • The refusal of a chemical test at a traffic stop on or after January 1, 2014 will now result in a Persistent Drunk Driver designation.
  • If you have refused a chemical test prior to January 1, 2014 and were previously ineligible to reinstate early with Interlock, you may now either finish serving the remainder of your revocation and reinstate with full driving privileges, or serve at least two months and apply for early reinstatement with Interlock for one year. You are not eligible for Financial Assistance in this case.
  • If you have multiple alcohol violations or refusals on your record, the wait time for early reinstatement with Interlock has been reduced to one or two months, respectively.

Early reinstatement with Interlock

Driving Privilege Under Restraint in Another State?

If your driving privilege is under restraint in another state, that state must clear your name from the National Driver Register (NDR).

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