@Home Driving Knowledge Tests


Aspiring drivers can now test for their instruction permit online. @HOME Driving Knowledge testing is a convenient service that aspiring drivers can use to take their Driving Knowledge Test any time, anywhere using any desktop/laptop computer with a front-facing camera.

Any Colorado resident who needs to take a Driving Knowledge Test.

You can take @Home Driving Knowledge Tests any time so long as you have an internet connection and compatible devices. Coloradans taking the @Home Driving Knowledge Test are subject to all applicable rules and regulations.

@Home Driving Knowledge Tests will work with desktop and laptop computers that have access to a webcam.

Yes! This helps us ensure the integrity of the tests results.

Any major browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

Any Coloradan old enough to test for an instruction permit can take an @Home Driving Knowledge Test by completing pre-registration at myDMV.Colorado.gov. 

Coloradans who already have a Customer Identification Number can skip pre-registration and visit Colorado @Home Driving Knowledge Test to take the @Home Driving Knowledge Test.

Test takers will have 60 minutes to complete the test.

  • First attempt: Free + $5 testing fee + $1.50 credit card processing fee = $6.50
  • Subsequent attempts: $11.15 + $5 testing fee + $1.50 credit card processing fee = $17.65
  • If you test at a third party, you can be subject to additional fees levied by that business

You can take it as many times as needed, but only twice in one day.

Yes, you will need to make an appointment to visit a State driver license office to be issued a permit. Appointment scheduling information is at DMV.Colorado.gov/AppointmentScheduling

You can schedule your appointment anytime after passing the @Home Driving Knowledge Test.

You can take a Driving Knowledge Test online with @Home Driving Knowledge Tests, in-office or at a driving school. Please note appointments are required and can be made at myDMV.Colorado.gov.

The @Home Driving Knowledge testing application uses photo captures to ensure the person taking the test is the person who signed up to take the test. Tests cannot begin until a photo is taken, and photos will be taken at random during the @Home Driving Knowledge Test to stop others from providing information or other resources. During a customer’s follow up appointment, DMV licensing technicians will cross reference images taken during the @Home Driving Knowledge Test to prevent fraud. This ensures the person who took the test is the one in front of the licensing technician getting their credentials processed.

Additionally, test-takers younger than 19 will need an adult older than 19 to be a proxy for the test. Test results will also be emailed to the proxy.

You should review the Colorado Driver Handbook and use the Colorado Driver Handbook Practice Quiz.

@Home Driving Knowledge Tests are available in English and Spanish like those currently offered in-office, and if you have speakers connected to your computer, can be read aloud in English or Spanish by the testing application.

Yes! @Home Driving Knowledge Tests can be read aloud in English or Spanish by the testing application, if you have speakers connected to your computer.