The DUI Administrative Process


The DMV Administrative Process

The DMV Administrative Process will determine any restrictions on your driving privileges, even if your court case is dismissed. Driving privileges can be revoked for a wide variety of reasons.


Motor Vehicle Hearings

During the DUI Administrative proceeding (also called an Express Consent Hearing), the Motor Vehicle Hearings Division determines whether the State of Colorado will suspend your driver license. A person requests a hearing on an action taken against their license by the DMV. These hearings involve a revocation, suspension, denial or cancellation of a driver license. These matters are initiated by a record of a court conviction, an affidavit from a law enforcement officer or through a notice from DMV. The Motor Vehicle Hearing must be requested:

External DMV building showing signage of the Colorado Dept of Revenue Driver License

  • within seven (7) days of the DUI arrest if a breath test or blood test was refused at the time of stop, or

  • within seven (7) days of receiving the blood test results, or

  • within seven (7) days of the DUI arrest if a breath test was given at time of stop

The DMV Hearing is a separate proceeding from the criminal case that takes place in the court system. To request a DMV hearing, please visit our website at mydmv.colorado.gov. Click the Driver/ID Services tab, and find the link under Appointments and Hearings.


Reinstating Your Driver License

You are eligible to reinstate if you have served all the time that was required under restraint on all of your restraint actions. The department will reinstate a driving privilege if all of the reinstatement requirements are met and your driving privilege is not under restraint for any other type of action.

There are special conditions that affect reinstatement requirements:

  • A Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) on a chemical test of 0.15 results in a Persistent Drunk Driver designation.

  • The refusal of a chemical test at a traffic stop results in a Persistent Drunk Driver designation.

  • If you have multiple alcohol violations or refusals on your record, the wait time for early reinstatement with Interlock is up to two months.

Driver license reinstatement requirements can include:

  • Use of Ignition Interlock Device

  • SR-22 insurance

  • A payment of a reinstatement fee

  • Alcohol education & therapy sessions

To learn more about early reinstatements, to access the reinstatement application, learn about fees and more, please visit:

Driver License Reinstatements

Upload Reinstatements Documents Here


The Ignition Interlock Restricted License (Interlock Device)

Interlock is an Ignition Interlock Device that is installed on motor vehicles to prohibit individuals from operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. It requires your breath sample before the engine will start and you are periodically required to provide breath samples while driving. If the device detects an elevated alcohol concentration level, the vehicle will not start.

Interlock General Information


SR-22 and Insurance Information

You may be required to file an SR-22 form when you reinstate from specific suspensions and/or revocations. The SR-22 requires the insurance company to notify the DMV of any policy cancellation. The SR-22 form is not an insurance policy.
If you don't keep the SR-22 current, the insurance company will notify the Motor Vehicle Division that the SR-22 is no longer in effect, but is still required. Your driver license will be suspended for that reason alone.
When you purchase liability insurance, the insurance agent can provide the SR-22 form. When the liability insurance with the SR-22 rider is purchased, the form must be filed with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles.

SR-22 Information